Gavril Yushvaev

About Gavril Yushvaev

Gavril Yushvaev is a Russian entrepreneur, investor, and philantropist. Currently residing in Europe, Mr. Yushvaev has built a reputation as a businessman with investments spanning a diverse range of industries over the course of his career.

Early Career

Gavril Yushvaev’s first notable business venture was investing in Wimm-Bill-Dann, a successful European dairy and juice company in the 1990s. Wimm-Bill-Dann went public in 2002, and Gavril was able to sell his 19.6% stake to PepsiCo when the company purchased 66% of the shares in 2010. Gavril Yushvaev has remained a member of Wimm-Bill-Dann’s Board of Directors since 2005.

Later Investments

Gavril Yushvaev’s success in the dairy product space through Wimm-Bill-Dann positioned him to expand his business ventures and invest in other industry verticals. This amounted to the founding of the Yushvaev Family Office, which has focused on investing in companies that have a positive impact on the world through innovative technologies and streamlined processes. The family maintains that investing in companies with positive core values is crucial for contributing to a more sustainable future and business landscape.

Mr. Yushvaev has diversified his investment portfolio with endeavors in industries such as tech, healthcare, agriculture, and more. As a businessman recognizing the intersection between technology and crucial products/services, Gavril invested upwards of $500M in various US and European-based tech start-ups, some of the most notable being Lyft, Domo, and Delivery Hero. Mr. Yushvaev is also a shareholder in Humacyte, a biotechnology company consisting of a platform for bioengineered tissues and organs to be used within the medical field. Humacyte has garnered a lot of attention since its founding for its ability to provide innovative solutions within the healthcare sector through regenerative medicine that can drastically improve the lives of patients suffering from a variety of conditions.


In addition to Gavril Yushvaev’s multiple business endeavors, he is a proponent of giving back to communities through philanthropic work. Over the course of 25 years, Mr. Yushvaev has contributed millions of dollars to a variety of organizations on the front lines of some of our world’s most pressing challenges. For example, Gavril has donated to Russian healthcare institutions in support of research, development, and improving access to quality care.

Personal Life

Gavril Yushvaev is married, has multiple children, and currently lives in Moscow, Russia. Mr. Yushvaev is a Sephardic Jew with Israeli citizenship. When Gavril Yushvaev is not working on his various business ventures, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family.

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Philanthropic Projects

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